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Anatomy A Photographic Atlas - Rohen, Yokochi - 8th Edition

Anatomy A Photographic Atlas - Rohen, Yokochi - 8th Edition

The knowledge of the structure and topography of the various organs of the human body is a prerequisite not only for the education of medical students but also for everyone involved in diagnostic and therapy of human diseases. This knowledge can
optimally be gained by dissection of the human body, with an excellent atlas by one’s side. Today there exist a number of good anatomic atlases, but most of them contain mainly schematic drawings, which minimally reflect reality. In contrast, the photographs of the actual anatomic specimens have the advantage of conveying the reality of the object with its proportions and spatial dimensions in a more accurate manner. On the other hand, schematic drawings help us to better understand the photos. Therefore, in this eighth edition, the number of drawings has greatly been increased and old drawings have been replaced by new ones specifically adapted to their accompanying photos.

The didactic purpose of this atlas is not only to help the student understand the topography of the human body. We also hope to provide a way to systematically learn the anatomical structures and functions. Therefore, the chapters of regional anatomy are consequently placed behind a systematic description of the anatomical structures ? e.g., before dissecting an extremity, the student can study the systematic anatomy of the involved bones, joints, muscles, nerves, and vessels.


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